cutlang is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

CutLang V2

CutLang project V2 aims the delopment of a generic analysis language and interpreter for HEP analyses. The idea is to reduce any analysis to simple strings containing logic statement like

  • nLEP == 2 AND (( MLEP > 200 ) OR ( MLEP <= 100 )) AND nLEP > 1 .

    All CutLang statements are evaluated at runtime, therefore there is no C++ code writing and no compilation involved. The project is based on ROOT libraries from CERN and can read the root event files allowing these formats:

  • ATLAS Open Data
  • CMS Open Data
  • Delphes
  • FCC
  • LHCO
  • LVL0 CutLang internal format
  • And more... The user manual contains information on how to add a new format.

    The first paper is on arXiv.


    Here is an example for fully hadronic top-quark pair reconstruction without using b-tagging based on chi2 minimization:
    ttbar chi2 algorithm without b-tagging
    This algorithm can be implemented in CutLang V2 in a single line:
  • cmd " ( ( mTopH1 - mTopH2 ) / 4.2 ) ^ 2 + mWH1 - 80.4 / 2.1 ^ 2 + mWH2 - 80.4 / 2.1 ^ 2 ~= 0"

    as compared to its C++ counterpart of about 50 lines. A typical ttbar analysis description file is given below. The commands are evaluated and the histograms are filled at run-time. ttbar reconstruction without b-tagging

    The details are to be found in the user manual available in the downloads section.

  • For any questions contact: gokhan.unel at .